The Fairy Tales Collection

Dreamy, poetic and enchanting. My inspiration for our Fairy Tales collection was simple, lots of pastels and all things pretty.

















The Elements Collection

We as women are forces of nature. Fascinating, powerful and when we need to be fierce! Detailed designs and striking colours make our Elements Collection bold yet charming.











The Wonderland Collection

Think ‘Alice in Wonderland’. Adventurous, quirky and dramatic. Things are quite out of the ordinary. Eye catching crowns for those not afraid to make a statement.














The Garden of Eden Collection

I imagine Eve was in awe of the pretty flowers. Our Garden of Eden Collection sees foliage and floral designs across a selection of bold colours.















The Bridal Collection

Whether it’s a unique crown for your big day, headbands for your bridesmaids or ‘bride to be’ hair clips our Bridal Collection will have you covered.








Woman Outdoors
Swimming in Bikini
Colorful Balloons
Flower Girl
Bridal Hair
Woman Outdoors

The Fairy Tales Collection